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This BEMBook wiki is a web-based, free content project by IBPSA-USA to develop an online compendium of the domain of Building Energy Modeling (BEM). The intention is to delineate a cohesive body of knowledge for building energy modeling.


Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is collaborating with IBPSA-USA in developing this BEMBook wiki and the related BEM Workshop materials.

RMI Home Page

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is supporting these wiki and workshop development efforts.

ASHRAE Home Page

IBPSA-USA invites all interested members of the community of building energy modelers and related disciplines to contribute to developing, maintaining and refining the BEMBOOK compendium on this wiki. Please register and add a new article or contribute to an existing article!

The Bembook project is beginning by using a register-and-edit model, which means that anyone who has registered can easily edit any unprotected page, and save those changes immediately to that page, making the alterations visible to every other reader. IBPSA-USA is also developing a page protection policy that is intended to follow major precepts of the protection policy used by Wikipedia.

This wiki is divided into several main parts. The navigation bar in the upper left gives you access to all parts of the site.

Please check out Getting Started to find out how you can add to BEMBook!